Friday, April 28, 2017

The Theatre!

This week has been devoted to the art of the musical. When we moved here, I checked the local website for child friendly activities. Missoula Children's Theater (MCT) is a traveling group that puts on performances throughout the U.S. and several other areas (countries, bases, etc). Basically, audition is Monday afternoon, and rehearsals are everyday. Friday is dress rehearsal, and Saturday is a final run through and two performances. It's a lot at once, but great fun, and great memories. The auditions are open to everyone age 5-18, both public and home schooled. On their website, you can search for a performance in your own area.

This year's musical, in our town, is Gulliver's Travels (in Space). MissA is an "assistant director" and is helping the other children learn their lines, songs, dances, and can help put makeup on before the performance, keep the kids focused and help cue. MissB, MissC, MisterA, and MissD are in the play. They're having a blast!

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