Thursday, April 13, 2017

First Set of Twins

The past couple days, Caramel has been separating herself more and more. Yesterday, she took to the unused coop and didn't want company. I fed and brought water to her there because I knew she was likely in labor.

After planting some trees in the orchard, I went in to take care of the baby. While starting to get the children ready for bed, I heard a ruckus outside. Listening at the back door, I could hear Megan, our third doe, calling loudly. The baby was passed to MissB and out I went! Ben and MissA weren't far behind.

Tommy was doing his evening chores and excitedly told me there were twins. I had placed some birthing things in the goat barn, so I swung by and grabbed the towels then went in to see Caramel. I've been asking her the last few days if she was going to have a marshmallow soon, and sure enough the first kid was mostly white like she is. The second kid is mostly brown. So, when MissA asked what their names were, Ben answered, "Marshmallow and Fudge."

She went on with more contractions. I expected the placenta, but sadly there was a third kid that didn't make it. She had bagged up and seemed to have contractions when Natasha was in labor, so I think that is when it passed. Sometimes these things just happen, if possible I prefer to prevent issues as possible. After the false labor, I started looking more into dietary needs. Our area is known to be selenium depleted, copper poor, and iron rich (the soil is red from it). I'll have to have a soil analysis done to verify our soil's profile. Copper and selenium are necessary for proper growth in goats, though. We keep free choice minerals available to them, but it may not be enough. Pregnancy is a huge drain on the system. We're grateful for the two she has.

The old coop was a good place to choose to birth. It's in the electric fence, so they're somewhat protected from predators (mountain lion and coyote have been seen and heard in the area). It is starting to come apart, but the side blocking prevailing winds is still sturdy. She should be able to stay there for her maternity week. With all the rain, she'll want to stay inside, and this gives them plenty of room... she is the biggest of our goats!

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