Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Covering the Comforter

It's getting cold in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter has begun, and we currently are knee-deep in snow, wxith more falling. To prepare for cold nights, I purchased some duvets. If you don't already know the term, a duvet (/doo-vay/) is a comforter that is meant to be covered like a pillow. The cover can be washed regularly, like sheets, and can be used along with or instead of a top sheet. We used duvets in U.K. and I enjoyed the simplicity and warmth.
The first picture shows the finished duvet under one of my Mother-in-Law's quilts. I love the colors in this quilt, and the birds and flowers go well with my style. I did get a king size comforter for our queen size bed. I like the look of the overhang, plus that extra bit of fabric is fantastic when someone hogs the covers or to keep the mountainous belly of a pregnant woman comfortably covered (I am not  expecting).

When I purchased my duvet, I made sure it had the loops in the corners. These loops can be tied to the cover to keep the comforter from bunching in one spot and leaving the sleeper cold. To make the cover, I ordered flannel in the 108-inch width (often used for backing quilts). I evened out the cut sides, folded the fabric, sewed two invisible zippers in the middle of one side - openings facing each other so they give me a large opening to work, and the closed ends protect the seam from splitting, and used some twill tape and snaps which I had instead of just ties in the corners. 
I'm very happy with the finished comforter.