Monday, March 6, 2017

Moose sighting

On MisterX's birthday, we dropped MisterE's boot out of the bus while loading up after dinner. It was discovered missing when we arrived home and the little guy had to be carried in. We had our cake and ice cream and forgot about it. I woke up in the night and recalled the boot, so I popped on my boots and drove into town. There was the boot, lying alone in the gutter under a light dusting of snow. Tucked safely in the bus, I picked up a few things at the 24-hour super store and drove on home.

I hopped out, opened the shop door, and saw the silhouette of the moose between me and the house. I parked the bus, closed the garage, and waited. I was getting colder, as I had only my coat and pajamas on, so I finally sweet talked her into leaving and made it safely into the house.

Woke up to find Mama Moose and her baby have moved in for sure for the late winter. This morning, they were munching the orchard, then bedded down in the back loop of the driveway.

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